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Zodlounge is a boutique music production studio located in Nashville, Tennessee by way of Detroit, Michigan. We help artists realize their vision through songwriting, production, and sound development.

From the earliest stages of the song-making process to the production of a fully realized radio-ready mix, Zodlounge and its artists collaborate every step of the way. With world-class musicians and producers in house, Zodlounge is both creatively and technically equipped to bring each artist’s unique sound to life.



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Tom Michael

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Brett Vargason

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Born with a beat in his soul, Brett Vargason picked up drums at ten, finding inspiration in R&B, pop, and jazz. He honed his skills in Detroit ensembles before enrolling at Western Michigan University. Music led him to Nashville, where he toured the world alongside Tom Michael, recording and collaborating with a diverse range of artists. Seeking more balance, Brett and Tom transitioned to production, quickly becoming sought-after names in the Nashville scene. While pursuing a master's degree in Counseling (which he finds enhances his understanding of artists), Brett has built a loving family with his wife Maria and their four children.

Tom Michael, a senior producer and co-founder of Zodlounge Music, started playing bass guitar at nine and was influenced by classic rock, pop, and R&B. His love for jazz developed in junior high, playing with the high school jazz band. With a Bachelor of Music from Western Michigan University, Tom played in jazz ensembles and the orchestra. Teaming up with drummer Brett Vargason, they settled in Nashville, playing with various artists, recording, and touring extensively. Venturing into digital recording to demo their songs, they eventually became sought-after producers in Nashville. Tom, completing a Masters in Recording Arts MFA in 2023, now teaches adjunct at Middle Tennessee State University. Married to Connie, they've raised five children together.

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Adara • Michael Blanton • Neal Carpenter • Tanner Cherry • Kennis Clark • Karley Collins • Dirty Sheriff • Ross Ellis • Nicolle Galyon • Fancy Hagood • Juke of June • Joy Kate • Paige Keiner • Kaylin Kole • April Kry • Shannon LaBrie • Grant Landis • Fia Leigh • Aaron Moses • NF • Michael Omartian • TAELA • Twenty One Pilots • Rhett Repko • Mac Watts • Julie Williams • Buddy Wright • Margo Zelle
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